Why have your pension reviewed?

A pension review service looks at the type of pension you have set up, the performance and projections of that pension and the likelihood of achieving your desired retirement plans. Following a review, HL Consulting will advise on how to improve the value of your pension fund or whether it is already performing as well as it could be.

It is typically good practice to regularly review your pension. HL Consulting’s Chartered Financial Planners will schedule regular performance reviews with you that include updates to any change in your circumstances or desire to revise your retirement plans.

A pension review can evaluate the following:

  • Whether your current pension plans match your preference of risk levels
  • Your fund management charges and annual fees – they could be disproportionately high for the level of risk you have opted for and the amount of money you pay in.
  • If the amount being saved will be appropriate for your retirement needs
  • Where your pension fund is being invested into and whether you are happy with it.
  • Whether consolidating preserved/frozen pensions from previous jobs into one big pot would be financially worthwhile.

Pension Planning

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Do you know how well your existing pension is performing?  Do you know if your current retirement plans are working as hard as they could do for you? Perhaps you have a number of pension arrangements which could benefit from a joined-up approach?

The Solution: A Pension Review

Why not take advantage of our no-obligation service, with no upfront fees?

We will review your pension arrangements to ensure your existing pension plans are doing the very best for you. We have a fantastic range of products and funds to choose from and as Chartered Financial Planners you can be sure of receiving the best advice. 

We will guide you step by step through any changes we advise you take with your existing arrangements, so why not contact us to arrange your no obligation pension review.

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